Caltrans is working on an I-80 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan (CMCP). The CMCP is a comprehensive assessment of the entire corridor—for cars, trucks, rail, transit, ferries, bicycles and pedestrians. This plan will study every mode that uses or crosses the I-80 corridor – and how they interact with each other. 

Your input will help us identify and prioritize improvements to make your travel easier and more reliable—while addressing community impacts including air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The approximately 70-mile corridor of I-80—from the Carquinez Bridge in Solano County, through Yolo County and ending in Sacramento County—serves local, regional and interregional traffic, moving both people and goods through the corridor.

I-80 CMCP Project Map

This CMCP will examine how to address the community’s transportation needs along the corridor, taking equity into consideration when we identify and prioritize improvement strategies.

How can we manage congestion and maximize people and goods traffic flow? How can we encourage more public transportation use or biking? How can we also reduce air pollution and GHG emissions?

I-80 CMCP Goals

Equity: Manage Congestion, Maximize Traffic Flow, Reduce Air Pollution, Reduce GHG Emissions

Caltrans and its partners have corridor improvement ideas and community priorities are key to the planning process in determining future projects. For projects to be nominated for State funding programs they must be included in a CMCP. When funding is secured, Caltrans and partners can work together to design and construct the project.

That’s why we need your input.

What are the Community Priorities?

Photo of freeway express lanes

Express Lanes

Photo of freeway interchange

Interchange Improvements

Photo of freeway on-ramp

On-Ramps and

Photo of a bicylist

Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

Photo of a train

Public Transportation Improvements

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